The Medellin Global Foundation, Center for Strategic International Studies, is pleased to announce that it has been invited by the Summits Secretariat of the Organization of American States to participate in the IX Summit of the Americas at Los Angeles, California, United States in June 2022

The Summits Secretariat has invited MGCEIE to participate on behalf of Colombian civil organizations in three thematic groups within the framework of the interactions that are already being carried out with other national and international organizations.

The Thematic Working Groups are:

. Thematic Working Group on Democratic Governance of the South American Subregion.

. Thematic Working Group Our Green Future of the South American Subregion.

. Thematic Working Group Transition to Clean Energy of the South American Subregion.

The Center for Strategic International Studies MG will be interacting with other civil society actors from Medellin and Antioquia in order to prepare joint ideas and bring a harmonious voice to share with other peers from the countries of the region.

Medellín, March 12, 2022