VIRTUAL DEBATE: How will 5G assist a rapidly urbanising world?

Over one million more people are either born-into or move-into a city every week, and this is set to continue until the middle of the century as global population moves from 7bn to 9bn. Rapid urbanisation, an ageing population, climate change, and now pandemics, seem to be four of this centuries few certainties. It’s a challenging opportunity for public policy maker.

In this context how can 5G be used to improve life in cities, and address the urban challenges of:

  • Mobility, public health, ageing, city-planning, and resilience
  • Is neutral hosting the best solution for 5G in cities, and what about data ownership?
  • Will a tech-lash fuelled by ‘big brother’ surveillance concerns disrupt progress?
  • And what about fun, sport, art and culture in public places?

The Panel Debate will include interactive polling and Q&A sessions with the live audience.


Sep 11 2020


4:00 am - 6:00 am

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